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Welcome to GM Although we are not an internet company, we have put together a site for the convenience of our loyal Pines customers and anyone wishing to learn more about us.

GM Pools Background

GM Swimming Pools, Inc. began more than 30 years ago by its founder George Murphy. Located exclusively in the Fire Island Pines, GM Pools played a major role in the community's development. One only needs to look at an aerial map of the Island to see how many pools are enjoyed throughout the summer in the Pines.

In 2004, as George looked forward to retirement, he met Chris von Achen. Chris, with a BFA from the SUNY Purchase School of Art & Design and over ten years of pool experience himself, was the perfect person to succeed George and carry on the tradition of friendly, competent and reliable pool service. Chris, who also has extensive knowledge of spas, formed GM Pools and Spas, Inc.



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